Service Technician Career

Service Technician Career


In the automotive world, a service technician is one of the most tech-advanced, competitive-paying jobs in the industry – and they’re in high demand at Morgan Auto Group.

The days of dirty shops and old tools are over. At Morgan Auto Group, we provide our techs with state-of-art, climate-controlled service facilities with the newest, most up-to-date tools.

Service technicians are the core of the automotive industry. With so few technicians in the business, you’ll have ample room to elevate both your income and position at Morgan Auto Group. You will have opportunities to take paid classes, earn bonuses and so much more.

Service Technician Tuition Reimbursement Program

Morgan Auto Group and all of our stores offer a tuition reimbursement program that works with any other vocational program where we can benefit from obtaining and retaining technicians.

The program reimburses a student for their tuition over a predetermined term of study. It also rewards them at the end of their term with a tool allowance. Our program covers both the new student just starting their automotive education as well as those that are near graduation.

Manufacturers participating in this training:

Ford Toyota GM	Freightliner Mopar Cummins Engines Nissan Cummins Power Generation Logos

There are 3 ways to obtain tuition reimbursement:

Program 1: We sponsor a student for a basic automotive technical program for 12-15 months. The tech works for the dealership part-time during his/her training. The goal is to obtain 20 hours at the dealership weekly during the training period. In return, the student signs an employment agreement with MAG post-graduation for 3 years.

Program 2: A graduating student is hand-selected by school staff and interviewed by MAG. If the student is chosen, MAG pays for an extended, manufacturer-specific training program. The student would be certified at multiple levels based on the manufacturer. Current sponsoring brands include Ford, Toyota, GM, Mopar, BMW and Mercedes.

Program 3: Student has graduated or is about to graduate and has already paid his/her tuition or has an outstanding student loan. Students will receive a monthly reimbursement amount as it relates to their employment agreement, paid monthly.

Tool package amounts are paid out at the end of the term once the student has committed to a career at a MAG dealership.

Amounts Of Reimbursements Available

reimbursement chart

*These values are meant to act as a guideline and are subject to change. The Full Sponsorship program reflects the program tuition, $650/mo. housing for the length of the program, $500 for relocation expenses, and $150/wk. for living expenses.

Universal Technical Institute

Midland Vocational-Technical

Toyota T-10 Program

Bowers Whitley Career Center

Plant City High School

Gaither High School

Leary Vocational School

Hillsborough Community College

Brewster Technical

Erwin Vocational School

Pinellas Vocational (P-Tech)

Gateway Technical College

Suwannee-Hamilton Technical Center

Santa Fe Vocational

J Tech Vocational

Sarasota Vocational School

Marchman Vocational

Lake Technical Center

Lincoln Technical Institute












Lake City

Lake City




Port Richey


Nashville & All US Campuses

Learn just how great the service industry has become. Apply to be a service technician at Morgan Auto Group today.

Custom tuition, tool packages, relocation and reimbursement plans available. See Morgan Auto Group Associate for complete details of our program.