Morgan Automotive Group Names Their 2020 Stores of The Year

February 24th, 2021 by

Morgan Automotive Group Names Their 2020 Stores of The Year

Morgan Automotive Group Names Their 2020 Stores of The Year

The Morgan Automotive Group has announced the recipients of their 2020 Stores of the Year awards. These dealership locations showed exceptional excellence to “Make It Happen” in 2020.

Tampa, FL (February 23, 2021) – The Morgan Automotive Group is proud to announce their 2020 Stores of the Year Awards to five dealerships who went above and beyond to exemplify the Morgan commitment to outstanding value and dedication to customer care.

“We’re proud of all our locations,” said Brett Morgan, Chief Executive Officer of the Morgan Auto Group. “But it’s also important to recognize truly remarkable excellence and a commitment to always improving for our customers.”

The awards were given out to four different locations: Jerry Ulm Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM (Partner-GM Joey Falcon); Sun Toyota (Partner-GM John Marazzi and GSM Ferris Hamdan); Brandon Hyundai (GM Tim Jamil); Rountree Moore Chevrolet (GM Jeff Mosley).

Additionally, the Morgan Automotive Group “Made It Happen: Mover and Shaker Award” was given to Wesley Chapel Nissan (Partner-GM Paul Snedic).

“Thank you to all our award-winning dealerships for your continued excellence and inspiration,” added Morgan. “Our Store of the Year awards acknowledge not only performance and volume, but also our stores that have the highest standards of customer satisfaction. The two clearly go hand in hand.”

About Morgan Automotive Group

Morgan Auto Group is one of the largest privately held automotive dealer groups in the nation, ranked in the top 20 by Automotive News. The Tampa-based business has 45 dealerships across Florida representing 27 manufacturers including most domestics and imports, as well as luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Lamborghini. Each dealership offers new, certified pre-owned and quality used vehicle sales, as well as vehicle parts, maintenance and repair services. The company’s famous slogan, “When You Make It Morgan, We Make It Happen” is the cornerstone philosophy for all of Morgan’s customer service and operations.

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